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President Trump sticks up for gun rights while speaking to union workers in Ohio. President Trump speaks to a crowd of union workers in Richfield, Ohio, telling them not to worry about the left’s attacks on the Second Amendment.
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Democrat Tells Constituents ‘Take Up Arms Against Trump,’ Gets BRUTAL Surprise

Rep. Tom Suozzi (D-NY) was caught on video telling his constituents to “take up arms” against President Donald Trump. He was at a town hall meeting in Huntington, New York, addressing a crowd who reacted with nervous laughter. Rep. Suozzi was not joking around as he doubled down, explaining “that’s
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These are the 10 most weird beaches in the world

Everyone wants to enjoy some of the beautiful sunny beaches. The heat from the sun on the skin, the fresh air coming from the sea and the soft sand under your fingers are the things that make people go to rest on the beach. But not all the beaches are
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For six years I photograph my tent in the mountains

My name is Karol Niernatovic and I am a photographer from Poland. For the last six years, I’ve been traveling across Europe, climbing its mountains and spending the nights in a tent in the farthest and farthest places. I usually photograph sunrise and sunsets, so my tent is often found
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