10 Restaurants that are literally underground

These wonderful restaurants will satisfy your appetite for not only food but also the appetite for adventure and the desire for something new and unusual. The “underground” restaurants are located at incredible locations and are an excellent choice for anyone who wants a unique ambiance.

10. Grotto Cave, Arizona

Grotto Cave is a newly opened restaurant located 60 meters below the ground in the Grand Canyon. About 16 guests can sit on the four tables on a dining platform, which has a view of the 345-million-year-old cave system. There is a limit, that is, 90 minutes for lunch and 2 hours for dinner, in order not to get too much fuss.

9. Restaurant Alux, Mexico

The Alux stroll in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, can accommodate 250 people within its cave walls, but the restaurant is an intimate one. There is a large cocktail hall where the guests can accommodate, but if they want, there are special rooms in the cave system that will separate them from the crowd.

8. The Summer Cave in Grotta Palacese, Italy

Hotel Grotta Palacese is a restaurant in a limestone cave. The summer cave, as the name suggests, is open only during the summer, usually from May to October. About this restaurant say it’s the most romantic in Italy.

7. Ristorante Da Pancrazio, Italy

Italy is again on this list with Ristorante Da Pancrazio in Rome, which is known to be where Caesar was killed. This traditional Roman restaurant, opened in 1922, was built above the ruins of the Pompeii Theater.

6. Ali Barbour’s cave restaurant, Kenya

Ali Barbour Cave in Kenya is thought to be about 180,000 years old, but only 30 years ago the restaurant was opened 10 meters below the surface. The naturally created holes in the cave give guests a glimpse of the evening sky and together with candles form a magical, romantic atmosphere.

5. Cave Hotel, Jamaica

In this hotel, except you can enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner, you can also spend the night in one of their cottages in the rocks.

4. Bientang Cave, South Africa

Bientang Cave is a restaurant and wine bar and is carved out of a cave in Herman, South Africa, overlooking Walker Bay, which is a nature reserve. There are many whales coming out on the surface of the water here.

3. Jameos del Agua Restaurante, Spain

Located on Lanzarote in the Canary Islands of Spain, Jameos del Agua is a “place for fun” consisting of caves that visitors can ride to reach a huge cave and a clear salt lake. Also, here you can visit the underground pool or underground theater for 500 people. There is also an underground restaurant and a bar.

2. Marsden, United Kingdom

This pub is the oldest object on this list since it dates from the 1780s. According to locals, this place has a dark past. It was the first home of Jack Blaster, who worked in the quarry near. He exploded a hole in the rock and, together with his wife, opened a pub in which they offered refreshment and hid the spoils of the smugglers for a certain amount of money. The legend says one of those smugglers gave them to the police and Jack put him down with an elevator in the underground caves and left him to starve.

1. Osteria del Tempo Perso, Italy

Osteria del Tempo Perso in Ostuni, Italy, is a rustic restaurant featuring Puglian food with vegetarian options and a gluten-free crowd. This restaurant has a great rating of visiting lists and more than 80% of people rated it as “excellent” and “very good.”


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