These are the 10 most weird beaches in the world

Glass beach California

Everyone wants to enjoy some of the beautiful sunny beaches. The heat from the sun on the skin, the fresh air coming from the sea and the soft sand under your fingers are the things that make people go to rest on the beach. But not all the beaches are the same, some of them have unique features and delight in their unusuality.

10. Hidden beach

Algar de Benagil is a natural cave that was created in the cliffs of the hill thanks to the tides. The cave formed a beach that can be reached only by the sea.

9. Black sand and pieces of ice

Yachtschallon beach was formed in the 1930s when the Breioamerkurjokull glacier retired. The glacier continues to melt and the beach grows along with its black sand, formed by volcanic rocks.

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 8. The beach with hot water

The hot water beach is located on the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand. It was named after the underground hot springs that spring upon the surface of the sand in the form of small pools.

7. Bioluminescent beach

In the day, the bay called Mosquito, in Puerto Rico has a common light brown sand. Overnight, the beach begins to shine with shiny blue light, caused by certain plankton and algae. The movement of people activates these “luminous” beaches. In the Maldives in the autumn months, when the moon is young, certain crustaceans produce a blue glow to attract a partner. Because they are larger than most algae and plankton, they pour the sand with tiny bright spots.

6. Gulpuri

This beach is peculiar because it is literally in the hole. And because of this, it is a popular tourist destination, a natural monument and a part of the Spanish region of protected natural beauties.

5. Chandipur

In Chandipur, India the sea disappears. A unique phenomenon that can rarely be seen elsewhere. The water recedes every 5 hours, 5 kilometers. It offers tourists not only a unique experience, but also an opportunity to literally go to the sea.

4. Beach of shells

The “Shell Beach” in Australia is created by shells that have accumulated over the years. In the past, locals mined the shells to use them as building material, but now it is forbidden. The beach is now a world cultural heritage and is used for tourism. The area also has hypersaline water. Extra salt makes it easier for visitors to sail.

3. Glass beach

Fort Bragg, California, has a beach covered with pebbles of glass polished from the sea. For decades, local communities have thrown their unwanted goods, even cars, by the sea. But organic things have broken down, and cars have been cleared, but the glass has remained. The sea was reworked and now only smooth glass balls were left. The beach is now protected by law, and the glass must not be removed from the visitors.

2. The green beach

The Papakolea beach in Hawaii is specific to the color of the sand. Namely, this is one of the two beaches in the world with a green color of the sand. The specific green color is obtained from the olivine mineral.

1. A beach with Eggs from dragons

The amazing natural landscape in New Zealand has become a favorite location for shooting science-fiction films, because this place looks magical and unique. Perhaps the dragon beach sounds like something from Game of Thrones, but it’s the right place and a popular tourist destination. In fact, it’s about stones over 60 million years old that have got a strange shape and resemble eggs from a dragon. There are also many local legends related to the occurrence of “eggs”.

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