From 238 to 127 pounds: Three weight loss rules

Gracey Borst, thanks to her personal weight loss experience, who was able to lose 110 pounds, shared the three rules she thinks are key to weight loss.

Gracie has always had a problem with excess pounds. In high school she used laxatives to lose weight, she often took dietary pills and skipped meals.

Three years ago, Gracey was in the worst form and weighed 238 pounds. Then she realized that it was high time to solve this problem before the situation became worse.

First she began to regulate the diet. He threw out drinks and fast food from the menu. She bought a running tape and started practicing fast walking for 30 minutes every day. After several months, she increased the speed and intensity of exercise and managed to reduce 48 pounds.

After that, Gracey had an even greater desire to “settle” the line and then asked for help from a personal trainer. With proper exercise and a diet rich in vegetables and proteins, Gracie lost 50 pounds.

Once she achieved this success, Gracey decided to start writing a blog by which she would motivate and advise others how to follow her example.

Her golden advice for all who struggle with excess pounds is not to rush.

“Take the time, for starters, the easiest way to start walking,” says Gracey, who today has more than half of Instagram followers who regard her as inspiration.

In her blog she shared the three most important rules for the weight loss process:

Stay positive

It may sound like a stupid hint, but there were moments when I missed a training or I took some illegal food. You must accept this and continue ahead. I always repeat: You can do this!

The change occurs every day

My gradual transformation of lifestyle helped me to enjoy it. I knew that when from a fast food if I immediately switched to a strict diet, I would briefly quit the goal. I learned to be patient.

Make a plan

If I have an obligation after work, I know that I have to get up early and practice, which means that I should lie down earlier tonight. I always plan my days and I have not missed training, even when I had many obligations.