It’s Over: 3 Richest Democrates Just Went On FOX Today And Give Trump Something Unfathomable

Three of the biggest Democrat businessmen shared their remarks about President Donald Trump.

Considered to be the richest Democrats, Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger and Bill Gates had an interview on FOX News.

Their comments were agents everything that the liberals believe in.

This contradicts the whole opinion from the liberals about Trump. The three mega-billionaires are smart enough to judge a person without a mistake. Without hesitation, I can say that they told the truth when they were asked about President Trump.

They were asked for an opinion about Trump and a tip on how to get even better.

Warren Buffet started by saying: “I would certainly say to him [Trump] the same thing I would say to any other president—that their most important job is to protect us from weapons of mass destruction and that they are the most important person in the world, to put the emphasis on that.”

Charlie Munger was next for a comment. He claimed: “I am a great admirer of the Trump change of mind about China and making an ally out of China instead of screaming about their trade.”

Last but not least, Bill Gates decided to give an advice for President Trump. Gates explained: “Whether it’s research, making sure that pandemics don’t come to get us and helping other countries … I’d make sure he knew all about it.”

These geniuses have made a fortune because of their intelligence. Surely, they can judge President Trump the right way. The liberals should take a word or two from them and start acting like adults. It is time to admit that Trump is good for this country.