5 paranormal events associated with massive tragedies

We are all familiar with the many monstrous stories of individual tragedies. Ghosts that surround hotels, homes or certain people. But what if an event affects hundreds or even thousands of people? Including those who survived. These are paranormal events associated with terrible tragedies.


  1. Travelers-Ghosts, Japan

In the years after the 2011 Tohoku tsunami, which consumed 16,000 lives, taxi drivers in some of the worst affected cities, such as Ishinomaki, claimed to have been transporting “ghost passengers”. Yuka Kudo, a sociology student at Tohoku Gakuin University, interviewed more than 100 drivers as part of a research on her graduation thesis. Most of the spirits were young people, who demanded that they be driven to a certain place and then mysteriously disappeared. A taxi driver said that a young girl had asked the taxi driver to drive her to a place that was badly hit by the tsunami, and when he told her that there was nothing left, she asked: “Am I dead?” And when a taxi driver turned to her, has disappeared.


  1. The need for connectivity

Residents living near O’Hare International Airport, Chicago often report that strange visitors come to their homes. They knocked on their doors, and when they opened, most of them stood frantic and demanded “to connect” or “find their luggage.” Before people succeeded in asking more questions, mysterious visitors disappeared. Also, strange lights and people wandering in the night were spotted on the highway to the airport. These phenomena are attributed to the catastrophic fall that occurred in May 1979, when a US Airlines McDonnell Douglas DC-10, 191, crashed shortly after takeoff due to engine failure. The plane turned into a fireball and all 270 passengers were killed as well as two people who were on the ground.


  1. Haunted by the underworld

The London Underground was built on an ancient cemetery where 4,000 people from the time of Black Death were buried. In 2005, archaeological excavations found that much of the bodies were cut and destroyed due to the construction of the subway. Paranormal activities are observed daily in the subway, and several other tragedies have also occurred. In 1943, residents of Bethnal Green in east London heard sirens for air strikes. They followed a panic in which they all headed towards the subway, and 173 people, mostly women and children, were trampled to death. Today workers claim to hear female or child crying while working in the night shift. A newer tragedy occurred on November 18, 1987, when a passenger lit a cigarette and threw a burning lug. Within 15 minutes there was an explosion that killed 31 people. Since that time, many passengers have reported seeing a business-dressed young woman with brown hair that raises her hands and screams. When they started to help her, the woman disappeared.


  1. Loft and Repo

At 11.42 on 29 December 1972, flight 401, the Eastern Airlines crashed. Pilots Loft and Engineer Repo noticed that the landing lights ceased to function and while they were dealing with this, they did not notice that autopilot changed the mode. 75 people survived, and 100 died. Loft and Repo were also killed. They then started appearing to the people of Eastern Airlines. Once even Captain Loft spoke to two flight attendants and a pilot on another plane, they were so frightened that they canceled the flight. Even the Eastern Airlines vice president said he had spoken to a man who supposed he was Captain on the flight before he realized that Loft had long since died. While engineer Repo took care of the safety of the other planes. He appeared before another engineer who checked before taking off and told him, “You do not have to worry about this, I’ve already sorted it out.” Three flight attendants heard Repo say, “Watch out for a fire in this plane.” Later the plane had problems with the engine and the journey to the last destination was canceled.


  1. Again together

When Sorpong Pew was 17 years old, his father Nam, a civil servant, was forced to enter a blue truck that took him to his native Cambodia. This happened in the dark years between 1975 and 1979, suggesting that 1.7 million people were killed by Red Khmers. Since then, 309 mass graves have been unearthed with some 19,000 graves. When He did not return, his family assumed he was dead. Sorpong, his mother and six brothers and sisters managed to get away and moved to Canada, where Sorpong had a prominent academic career. In 2010, when he was in Tokyo, Mr. Sorpong had a very picturesque dream in which he went for a walk with his father and discussed it. He told the dream of his brother, and without knowing, Sorpong went to a seer who told him that it was not just a dream, but that their father was really alive. Though they were skeptical, they decided to leave all together for Cambodia to reassure the seer’s claim. Through the city, they stuck pictures of what he looked like about 40 years ago. They managed to find Him. The man at first did not believe that these were his childrens, but when they began to exchange stories, he realized that he was together with his family again.

Nam also thought that his family was killed and did not know that they managed to escape and move. He told me that he was thrown into a pit with dead men from which he managed to get out, then he was again captured and tortured, and eventually escaped into the jungle. After a while, he reconciled himself with the fact that his family was dead and married again and had 6 children. When his first wife learned that her 85-year-old husband was alive, she moved to live with him and his new family.


Source: motika.com.mk