5 sleepwalkers who committed horrific crimes while sleeping

Many people do strange things in their sleep. Unfortunately, sometimes the dream can be realized in the real world. Moonlighting can be dangerous not only for the people who do it but also for the people around them. These people have no control over what they do and even when they get up they realize what horrible things they have done.


  1. Simon Fraser

Simon Fraser was sleeping in his bedroom with his wife when he noticed that wild beast jumped into the cradle of their little son. Simon immediately got out of bed, caught the beast and started hitting him from the wall. Fraser woke up screaming at his wife, then he realized he had killed his 18-month-old son by knocking his head off the wall. He was accused of murder, but after the doctors made detailed investigations he was released. However, he received an order from the court to sleep in a locked room in order not to harm anyone.


  1. Joanne Kiger

15-year-old Joan Kigger slept when she heard gunshots at her home. She took one revolver belonging to her father and set off to prevent the attacker. Joan fired at the dark figures that also fired at her. The girl woke up from the screams of her mother who was shot in the hip. Joan also shot and killed her 6-year-old brother and her father. It was proved to court that Joan had nightmares in which she had dreamed of being attacked and that the girl was declared innocent.


  1. Daniel Gudino

13-year-old Daniel Gudino was very afraid of ghosts and said that he could not sleep peacefully. One evening when he saw the ghosts he took his father’s gun and shot them three times. Then he entered the kitchen where he awoke the screaming of his mother trying to take away the scissors from his hands. When he woke up, Daniel realized that he had killed his 9-year-old brother, Uluses. Although it was proved that during the time of the crime Daniel moonlight, he spent 5 years in a correctional home.


  1. Kenneth Parks


When Kenneth woke up in front of him was the bloody face of his wife’s mother. He immediately went to the police to report that he had killed people. Kenneth, who often became a moonlight this time, got out of his bed, put on a coat, entered the car and drove 24 kilometers, where he stabbed the mother of his wife and her father, who managed to survive. Kenneth spent several years in jail while detailed analyzes did not prove that he in fact did it all in an unconscious state. Then the indictment was rejected and Kenneth was released.


  1. Antonio Nieto

Anton dreamed that he was attacked ostriches. He took an ax and a hammer and began to chase the birds. When he woke up, he realized that he had killed his wife and her mother, and also seriously injured his two children. He would have killed children if his 64-year-old father failed to stop him. Nieto was sentenced to 10 years in a psychiatric institution and received a 500 m ban on his children. He also had to pay 171,100 euros to relatives of the victims.