BREAKING: Devastating News About Trump Jr And His Family – Supporters In Total Disbelief

President Donald Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr, has been mostly out of the spotlight with the exception of a few well-timed tweets in response to a few of the latest controversies liberals have put his father in the middle of. While we saw a lot of the president’s respectable oldest son early on and sporadically since it appears that he’s been focused on other things outside the public eye and his father’s presidency. Now we realize what may have played a big part in that and are saddened to hear what has happened.

The Trump family is no stranger to negative and inaccurate media attention which may be why Trump Jr has been trying to avoid cameras and questions, and people peering into his personal life. It was just a few months ago that the husband and father-of-five had made the shocking decision to forgo security detail he and his family received as a direct family member of one of the most controversial presidents in history. He did this to regain some privacy which any parent can understand. Being an avid gun supporter and husband, he’s capable of protecting himself and his family anyway. However, there may have been much more to this story than we realized and now he, his wife, and children need support.

Donald Jr’s wife Vanessa was recently in the news after a suspicious package arrived at her family’s home which contained a mysterious powder inside. Not knowing or expecting that it contained potentially dangerous contents, she opened it while several others were in the direct vicinity of her. As a matter of safety, she and others who were potentially affected were taken to the hospital for evaluation. She was checked out and found to be safe from the non-dangerous substance. Now we’re learning that not all was right for a different reason and her personal situation wasn’t as healthy as we thought.

The letter incident is not directly related to the bigger issue, but came at a time when not everything was right in her life. It’s being reported that Donald Jr and Vanessa have some difficult marital issues they have not been able to resolve between the two of them, which has them headed for divorce and already living apart, according to multiple sources including the Daily Caller.

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According to The Daily Caller, Donald Trump Jr. and his wife Vanessa are headed for a divorce, according to friends close to the couple.

The two married in November 2005 and have five children together. But public scrutiny of the First Family has taken its toll on Vanessa and she wants out as soon as possible, sources say.

A friend said of the couple, “The problems have been there for a long time, the couple had hoped to stay together during the President’s time in office, but it is getting harder to resolve their issues. He’s never there.”

Page Six reports the couple has not legally separated, but they are no longer sharing a residence. They’ve gotten individual houses and have been living alone for quite some time.

A representative for the couple has not commented on the matter however sources say they’re very close to officially filing for a split with the court.

Trump Jr. has been the subject of considerable skepticism surrounding Russian collusion and questionable international business dealings. He and his father deny any wrongdoing and maintain all work for his father’s campaign has been on the up and up.

Friends have expressed concern over his “bold and aggressive nature on social” media and his extremely “busy traveling.” They also say Vanessa was particularly terrified after a suspicious letter with white powder was sent to her family’s residence last month.

If it goes through, the couple’s divorce will likely be a central part of the news cycle and both will receive a considerable amount of criticism. But friends maintain the split has nothing to do with politics.

It is unfortunate that once again the Trump family is going to be the center of attack by liberals everywhere due to personal family issues that are not remotely uncommon in this country. As if having your every action and part of your life dissected by the public isn’t hard enough, they can never deal with any sort of personal family issues alone. There is always someone butting in, making assumptions, assuming the worst while publicly blasting those accusations as fact.

Should their differences actually come to divorce, inevitable verbal assaults on them personally and the president as well, are sure to ensure. The outrage and argument will be ironic since the left are infamous for their support of non-traditional marriage. This is something they routinely force on all Americans, going as far as to take rights of refusal away from business owners who make decisions in support of traditional marriage. In this event and by their own logic, leftist Trump detractors should also sympathize with the understanding that people should accept any personal decisions others make within their relationships that has nothing to do with strangers.