BREAKING: Paul Horner, the greatest supporter of President Trump is found dead

The greatest supporter of President Trump and the news writer on the Internet during last year’s presidential campaign in the United States, Paul Horner, 38, who claimed that Donald Trump had become an American president thanks to him, was found dead in his home on the outskirts of Phoenix, and forensics consider that he “accidentally overdosed” drugs.

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Mark Casey said that Horner’s body was found in bed on September 18 and that no signs of violence were identified from the autopsy.

Casey said Horner used excessive prescription medicines for years.

– Evidence suggests that this may be an accidental overdose, Casey said.

Horner was known for writing news and articles on the Internet, which the larger media did not want to write. He was a great supporter of Donald Trump.

One of the news was the assertion that President Barack Obama is a gay and radical Muslim, and that protesters are given a thousand dollars to protest at Trump’s rallies.

Horner, in last year’s Washington Post interview, said he thinks Trump has entered the White House thanks to him.

However, concerning the fact that he was a rather “unwanted” person in America because of his writings, the possibility of murder is not excluded.



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