Eat Everything, and Lose Weight: What is the Secret of Chrono Diet?

What is the secret of chrono diet


The basic idea of a diet for a certain period of time came from the French doctor Alain Delabosa, who registered his program in 1986. This program has undergone numerous changes in the world.

The chrono-nutrition program allows us to learn the principles of healthy eating, the right choice of groceries and good combinations of different groceries, which can be applied on every occasion, at school, at work, at home, at rest, or a business trip, without much trouble and in a short time.

The program does not involve counting calories, measuring foods and determining the amount of food, there are no specific eating lists, nor prescriptions. The philosophy of the program is that each person gets the knowledge that will be the basis for a further living in a healthy life.


The three basic principles on which the Chrono nutrition program is based are:

  1. Creation of an alkaline environment in the body (no acidification), because acidification causes chronic inflammatory and degenerative diseases (cancer, infarction, diabetes, etc.)
  2. Proper timing of daily meals. There are three main meals of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) with a time distance of 4-6 hours between them when you do not need to feed any food. Water and tea plants are allowed (no fruit).
  3. Glucid index (GI). The speed at which certain foods increase the blood sugar level (glucose), or the use of so-called spores of sugars, i.e. complex carbohydrates in the diet.

It is especially important in that all the rules can be applied to the family and that children can very early focus on the goal of having a long and healthy life.

Those who have the most common modern metabolic diseases, within 10-30 days, can reduce the cholesterol, triglyceride and sugar levels.

The program has certain rules and there are requirements to which it must adhere, and on the other hand, the restrictions are minimal and easy to submit.

The benefit of the chrono-nutrition program is that the so-called “yo-yo” effect (loss-return) is never apparent, and metabolic disorders are permanently resolved.

The results show 100% success in all those who have managed to master the basics of physiological processes.

Within our diagnostic center, we perform all the necessary diagnostic procedures in order to determine the existing health condition, and then, during multimonal consultative examinations and controls, we monitor the achieved result.

With this program, a team of famous doctors and nutritionists recommend a combination of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids, exclusively according to the results of the target diagnostic procedures, so that these protocols accelerate the results and ensure the durability of the effects achieved.



The first phase of the nutrition program, so-called a 28-day restriction, involves the non-use of quick (simple) sugars in the form of sweet, fruits, white / yellow sugar, artificial sweeteners, etc., as well as alcoholic beverages containing high alcohol concentrations, claims drinks. After the implementation of the restrictive regime, certain products are gradually included in the diet.

If a patient finds a certain intolerance of some food, for the duration of 3-6 months, the so-called detoxification from that food, and after the implementation of it, slowly, gradually that food is returned to the diet.

The change of some acquired harmful habits and the acceptance of healthy eating habits, as well as overcoming the basics of the physiology of nutrition will need to be applied permanently in life. And this is the basic principle of Chrono nutrition.

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This program provides outstanding results in obesity, people with diabetes and in all people who have increased blood fat or any form of metabolic syndrome. As a remark, I would say that in people in a very short time, improvement of all physiological parameters is achieved (already in the first 24 hours, in the latest 7 days).

In the event of any prior treatment prescribed by an ordinate physician, the action of these drugs may be potentiated and undesirable reactions such as blood pressure drop and blood sugar may occur. Blood pressure and sugar must then be controlled several times a day, and therapy (which has once been years of age) must be reduced, which is not advisable to make the patient himself.


With the Chrono nutrition program, it is possible to learn the principles of healthy eating habits, as well as the right choice of groceries and a good combination of them in a quick time, without much trouble. The Chrono nutrition program involves consuming food at a given time of the day, three times a day with a distance of 4-6 hours between meals.


The program can be used by people of all ages, and especially the program is suitable for children, pregnant women, those who are healthy and have no health problems. People who suffer from modern metabolic diseases, elevated fat (cholesterol and triglycerides), elevated sugar – diabetes.

A special group of people are people with obesity – obesity or so-called. metabolic syndrome. Practically there are nutrition programs for the most common human diseases (anemia, elevated blood pressure – hypertension, diabetes, etc.), as well as special programs for athletes, undernourished, etc.

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