Fitness Transformation: Weightlifting is not just for men

The incredible transformation of this girl will change your mind if you believe that weighing “is not for girls.”
Training exercises and weight training exercises are not just for guys. Fitness instructors say that this does not mean that you need to quit other training like cardio exercises, but that if you want defined muscles, you need to practice weights.

Rebecca Catherine Smith proved this with her transformation, after a year of persistent adherence to the cardio exercise alone she did not get the results she wanted, and she switched to exercises for strength.

She also takes care of how to feed, live healthily and regularly use different types of activities, with an emphasis on lifting weights.

“Will weighing weights make you look like a man? It amazes me how many girls still think that if they take weights in their hands or drink a protein shake that they will resemble Hulk. The transition from cardio training to weight-training exercises completely changed me physically and mentally. Of course, we all have different tastes, and I do not think that after a year of weight training my body looks like a man’s body. These are my reasons for doing exercises for strength: 1) you will make muscles and you will have more strength, and without any problems I will retain the feminine figure and you will be stronger than ever; 2) you will download excess fatty deposits and accelerate the metabolism; 3) build a healthy relationship with your body and exercise, “Rebecca wrote to Instagram where she published the photo of her transformation.