How to motivate yourself for practicing this autumn?

Exercise is good for the overall health of the body and mind, not only to look good. It’s wise to practice all year long, not just to make a “body for the beach,” but if that’s your goal, it’s starting now for the next summer.
Whether you’re practicing at home, in a gym or outdoors, weather affects the mood and the conditions for exercise. If you need additional motivation and incentive to engage in exercise this fall, these tips will help you:

Set your goal

As we said, exercise is good for your general condition, but in order to motivate you to start, you need to set your goal. Whether it will be to “enter” in your favorite jeans, lose weight for an important event, achieve defined muscles, improve physical fitness … does not matter, it’s important to know what your goal is and how long you want to accomplish it.

Record the benefits of exercise

The next step is to make a list of why you want to practice and have it on hand every time you do not have the will to go to training. Tightened body, shiny skin, better mood, relief from stress, these are the motivations that will make you go to the gym or to the running track.

Practice in company

When you arrange for someone to practice together, you will not have a “face” to cancel the training, and you will be careful about the progress of the exercise.

group of smiling people exercising in the gym

Buy new clothes for exercise

You do not have to spend a fortune, but it’s important to have comfortable clothes for exercise. New running shoes or a gym in the gym will lift your mood, and look great on Instagram’s gym picture.

Create a motivating playlist

Music is a great motivation, so make up your playlist with songs that motivate you, and make you exercise more fun.



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