The incredible case of Sergei Ponomarenko, a time traveler from Kiev

In 2006 a man lost in Kiev in strange clothes and a camera in his hands was walking as if he were a tourist. He claimed that he came from the past, that he got out of the house to shoot and then spotted the UFO and after taking the photo he switched to the future.

This is an incredible case that includes documents and photographs as proof and detailed analysis by psychologist Parlo Kutrikov and photo expert Vadim Posner.
When police officers noticed how a disoriented 25-year-old man went through the streets of Kiev, they asked him for an ID card. The man gave them an ID card from the time of the Soviet Union, more than 50 years ago. The man’s name was Sergey Ponomarenko. The policemen thought that the man was crazy and took him to a psychiatric clinic in Kiev.

Psychologist Parlo Kurtikov began to investigate Sergei’s case. At the consultations on April 26, 2006, it was noted:

Parrots: Tell me something about yourself?
Sergey: I am Sergey Ponomarenko and I was born in the city of Kiev on June 16, 1932.
Parlo: Yes, but I assure you that you are not older than 30 years.
Sergey: I’m 25 years old
Parrolo asked him how he managed to find himself in 2006 and for his UFO encounter.

Sergey: It was a day, and I went for a walk in the city, I took the photo appliance. But when I left the house I noticed a strange object in the shape of a bell and was very strange, it was flying strangely. It’s hard to explain what I saw, it’s best to develop the pictures from my camera, and you may find the answer.
Parlo then asked for help from photo expert Vadim Posner, who was surprised when he discovered that that kind of film had ceased to be produced in the 70s. No one could explain how all these things are so well preserved, although they are more than half a century old.

The photos show the city of Kiev in the 1950s. There was a photograph of a 25-year-old woman and a photograph of Sergei in the same clothes he was found. There was also a UFO photography. The psychologist spoke to Sergei and asked how this UFO managed to bring him here. Sergei did not remember well, but he said that he had taken it up in the air and did not remember it anymore.
After talking with Dr. Parlo Sergei returned to his room. The camera from the hospital shows how he enters the room, but not how it comes out. Immediately after that, Sergei disappeared. No one knows how because the door was locked, there were bars on the windows, and there were security cameras throughout the clinic where he was not spotted. It was later proved that this man existed in the Soviet period and was reported to have disappeared in 1960. Sergei’s case remains one of the greatest mysteries.



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