A man who was clinically dead for an hour said: “I saw paradise, I met dead friends.”

Dr. Gary Wood was eighteen years old when he and his sister suffered a serious car crash. Dr. Wood and his 16-year-old sister traveled home when they hit in an improperly parked car. His sister passed without a scratch, but Gary suffered life-threatening injuries, including severe damage to the throat and vocal cords, a complete nose tear and several hurts.

When the ambulance arrived, he was declared clinically dead. But the “rebellious teenager,” as he describes himself on his web page, still remembers all everything that happened fifty years ago. Talking with tv host Sid Roth in his show “It’s supernatural!”, Dr. Wood said that after the disaster he felt severe pain, “and then I was released from all sorts of pain,” he says, telling that he was then ascended to paradise.

“Dying is the same as when you take off your clothes and put it on the side. I came out of this body, from this Earthen suit, and I was lifting up the roof of my car and my entire life passed through my eyes in a moment. At that time, I was dragged into a vortex of clouds like a funnel that was getting brighter, “he says.
He describes his travel in paradise as “ecstasy, peace, and calmness.”

” Then the clouds opened, and I saw a massive gold satellite hanging in space which the Bible is calling it paradise.”

Dr. Wood, who is the author of several books about his alleged experience, says he was intercepted by an angel who was at least 20 feet tall and who stood in front of the gates that were 800 meters wide.

“He had a sword and beautiful golden curly hair. There was an angel in the city who was holding some books. There was some kind of exchange of information between the two angels, and I was allowed to enter the city, ” then he says that he walked with his friend through paradise.

“I met my best friend of high school who died in an accident with a lawnmower. Then my comrade led me for a walk through the place called Paradise. At about 500 meters from the throne of God, my attention was drawn to a sign that read “Unsigned Blessings.” When I opened the door, to my consternation I saw legs hanging from the walls, real legs. In that room, there was every part of the human anatomy, and when I asked why, the answer was – For God to have spare parts for his miracles. ”
Dr. Wood recounts how he met God. “They sent me back to say that Paradise actually exists, there is a song to be sung and a mission or a journey to be set off, there is a book to write. You are unique in your goal of the Earth.

God told me to convey a message – there will be a spirit of renewal that will reverberate to the whole earth, a teaching will appear, and an emphasis will be placed on prayer. ”
Back on Earth, his younger sister strongly shouted his name, hoping that Gary would come to life, a scream that he said he and his friends had heard in heaven.

“While my friend led me through paradise, when Sue began to cry, my friend told me: You have to go back, she uses that name. And so, they immediately brought me back to my body. They noticed signs of life, and they took me to a hospital to stabilize me. ”


Source: motika.com.mk