Possible problems that you would be encountered in eventual time travel

Time travel sounds really appealing. You could correct the historical mistakes, become a millionaire, become the best and the most accurate historian knowing exactly what happened in the past. Great, right?

Well no. Because if we discovered how to travel through time, we would encounter a series of serious problems.

You will quickly grow old

If you leave your time and spend six months in the past – you can return to your time as if it was just a second. It’s just that during that second you’re going to get old like six months.

Your body will probably live with your experimental route, so that every day you live, no matter what time you are, makes you older in a day. If you constantly leave your time, with each journey you will be older than the day you left. There is a certain opportunity to go in the opposite direction when going to the future with the speed of light (because the time would be shorter concerning those who remained in your time).

You will starve

We have evolved with plants and animals that we eat. If you return to the past, you are no longer equipped to handle the food people ate in the past (or the non-hygienic conditions in which it was cooked). The same applies to the future food will be developed to the extent that we people from the present, we will not be able to eat it. Our biological arrangement is adapted to handle the food we have now.

You will not be able to fit for biological reasons

All this with food also applies to your general health. Either you get sick, or you’ll get sick all around you.

If you go back in the past, you are likely to carry diseases with which people of the past have not developed resistance, and if you go to the future, your body is unlikely to cope with bacterial mutations in that society. Or you will be a conquistador that gives infected blankets to indigenous Americans. If you keep going back and forth in time, you will cause such chaos that Bruce Willis will not be able to save the world.

No one will understand you

Language is not only a regional phenomenon, but it is also time-consuming. Languages change and mutate each year. Read for example a piece of documents from Lincoln, then something from Newton, then compare it with today reports. The same thing applies to each language, so the deeper you go in the past, the more confusing your understanding of the interlocutors will be, coming to an instant when you think that you are a member of another nation, and the same applies to the journey to the future.

You will be out of the system

Trying to do anything in the past or in the future would be a real nightmare because you can not prove your place in society.

In the past, you will have no one to guarantee for you in those small societies of the ancient world where everyone knew each other. In the future, you will not have an embedded implant for health insurance, an ID card, and a payment card, without which you will neither be able to get health care, nor will you be able to find a job, and you will not be able to buy a meal.

You will have no money

And if you can not find a job, you will have no money. The money you have today will not be worth much to you, as the payment instrument also evolves and changes. For example, paper money is only a few hundred years old.

Moreover, inflation in the future will mean that your money will have a much lower value in the future. Even if you manage to provide enormous wealth for you in the future, you will not be able to prove to the bank that you are yourself, if the bank still exists at all.

You might get stuck in something

Most of the time machines by scientists and futurists are conceived as means that transport you through time, but they stand in place.

Thus, your unlucky road can end up inside a wall of a future building or get stuck in ice or become petrified like an amber.

And you can make a collision with yourself or spray into space

On top of that, your time machine can make a collision with itself coming from the opposite direction. There are a million ways that this might come to be. Such an accident could result in a gap in space and time, to send the time machine in a secondary dimension, or worse, in a second dimension that is entirely antimatter.

Or you may meet with yourself, and you will become frozen

If you manage to arrive at a time in which you still exist safely, you probably will not leave a positive impression on yourself. Or you’ll look like a younger, stupid version of yourself or that old version in a process of collapse. Plus, the ability to look at the side can also be a reason for some illusions to fall, so traveling through time can lead to a crisis of identity.

Paradox of predestination

But if you still find yourself, you probably already met yourself as part of a closed time cycle, i.e. you can not change anything because things you witness are a consequence of the actions of the past, and if you could return to the past, it would also be a consequence of things that you would do in the future. This means that you will basically repeat yourself again and again forever.


Source: motika.com.mk