Professor Claims George Soros ‘Missionaries’ Bragged About Toppling Governments

“Soros doesn’t believe in the validity of boundaries nor at the jurisdiction of national electorates. He feels entitled to sway and if possible direct the fate of societies all around the world. ”

Furedi said his own experience with “the Soros operation” took place from the 87-year-old’s native Hungary in 2013, in an Open Society Youth Exchange exchange event that brought together so-called ‘civil society’ activists from throughout the planet.

The majority of those in attendance were smart, idealistic young men and women who seemed to be dedicated to making the world a better place. My only concern with the collecting was it considered its participants as a group of missionaries, who would go back to spread the word that is good.

It was in a Budapest hotel that is plush which I encountered the full force of the ethos. I listened to Hungarian, American, British, Ukrainian and Dutch representatives. Some claimed they played a significant role in Egypt in the Arab Spring. Others voiced their pride in their contribution. In preparing the ground for the overthrow of this Gadafif regime in 18, some bragged.

I felt uneasy with a group of people who casually assumed they had the right to play with God and sat. At one stage, the table — a leader of a Soros NGO’s head — asked me what I thought about their job. Not wishing to offend, I gently remarked I was not sure whether the outside imposition of the idea of democracy on the people of Libya was valid nor that it would function. Without a second’s hesitation, my interlocutor curved me with the answer: “I do not feel that we have the luxury of waiting until the Libyan individuals arrive with their very own Jefferson!”

Furedi remembered being alerted by “the haughty tone with which she lectured me about acting the function” of Thomas Jefferson in countries such as Libya, which was changed into a failed state where jihadists are in big, black Africans are sold publicly in slave markets, and criminal people-smugglers coin a handsome gain ferrying illegal migrants into Europe — often with the aid of NGOs connected to Soros.

By accusing his critics of anti-Semitism, Furedi, who enjoy Soros has a background, also took aim.

“I’m appalled by baiting critics of Soros as anti-Jewish,” he wrote, stating that the “cause of combating anti-Semitism is ill-served by these opportunistic use of the expression. “

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