Shock at Real Madrid: Carvajal has a virus that attacks the heart, he will go on mandatory break

The European champion Real Madrid will remain indefinitely without Daniel Carvajal. On regular examinations, club doctors found that the player received a virus that attacked the heart.

The disease is serious and in order to avoid deterioration, it is necessary to rest. Carvaјal will not be operated, but the disease will be treated with medication.

Zinedine Zidane, the “kings” coach, will not have Carvaјal available for a few weeks in the training center, and then, depending on rehabilitation, will be more certain when he returns to the field.

Benzema and Kovacic have been seriously injured in the season, with Marcelo, Theo Hernandez, and Bale out of the squad, so in January Real Madrid will return to the market to engage in defense and attack alternatives.



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