For six years I photograph my tent in the mountains

My name is Karol Niernatovic and I am a photographer from Poland. For the last six years, I’ve been traveling across Europe, climbing its mountains and spending the nights in a tent in the farthest and farthest places. I usually photograph sunrise and sunsets, so my tent is often found as part of a beautiful scenery. That’s why I decided to photograph my so-called. “Moving house” in the magnificent mountain landscapes.

The first time I was staying in a tent was in 2009 during a trip through the Rodna Mountains in Romania, along with a friend. One night the temperature dropped to freezing -10 degrees, and the other night we survived a big snow storm and a strong wind. But I was not scared, but I liked it very much, and when I came back from that journey I bought a tent.

My first tent was Czech Hannah, the Troll model, traveling alongside me all over Europe, and the highest altitude I reached was 3000 meters on the Swiss Alps, at the foot of Matterhorn, Valais. For five years I have passed the Carpathians in Romania and Ukraine, the Sudet Mountains in Poland, the Balkans, the Dinaric Mountains and the Alps in France, Switzerland and Austria, as well as the Scottish Gramplan and Torternish.

In August 2014, I replaced the old and worn-out Troll with one larger in production of the Polish company Marabout, which was my partner in the organization of my photo expedition to the Swiss Alps.