The man who rejected a million dollars: “I know how to manage the universe, that’s why I don’t need money?”

The man who rejected a million dollars

Russian mathematician Grigori Perelman shocked the world when in 2010 he refused to receive a million dollars reward, having solved one of the seven so-called millennial problems.

The man who rejected a million dollars
These are the most difficult modern mathematical problems, and the solution of any of them would leave a trace of many branches of science.
Perelman discovered the solution of Poincare’s assumption, a theory that deals with problems of multiple dimensions, and for this, the Massachusetts Institute of Mathematics “Clay” offered him a million dollar prize, which this mathematical genius did not want to accept.
He also rejected the prestigious Filds medal, which in the mathematical world is equal to the Oscar, writes Guardian.
To be honest, he was unemployed at the time, and his neighbors described him as messy and eccentric.
“He’s always on the same coat and pants, he never cuts his nails, his beard, and he only looks at the country,” said one of the neighbors for the Russian media.
They had to satisfy themselves because Perelman himself refused to communicate with the journalists, even when camping in front of his house where he and his mother and sister lived.
“I’m bothered, I take mushrooms,” he told the journalist briefly, who managed to get it on the phone.
The rejection of the awards, on some of the rare occasions, when he spoke to journalists at all, explained that “money and fame are not of interest to him and that he does not want to be seen as an animal in a zoo.”
After such an answer, many considered him an eccentric, while a year later he declares:
“I know how to manage the universe. Why would I run a million dollars?”