Top 10 killers with poison who have been forgotten by the history

Doctors say the poison is one of the worst ways to kill a man. The victim may suffer a long, agony death that lasts for hours, days or even weeks. But these ruthless killers did not feel sorry for their victims.

10. Louise Collins


Louise had that “honor” to be the last woman hanged in New South Wales, Australia in 1889. Her husband Charles and their 7 children had a large house and rented rooms to tenants. But rumors began to spread that Louisa was too “close” with the tenants. Charles managed even to reveal an affair with Michael Collins. A few months later, Charles fell ill and died, and Louise married Michael. A few months later Michael got sick and had the same symptoms as Charles and soon died. Then the police suspected and did an autopsy that concluded that Louisa was poisoning the men with arsenic.

 9. Elizabeth Weiss

Weiss was once in jail for attempted murder of her husband. She then began to store babies who had been rejected by their parents for a certain amount of money. But she was killing the children with morphine, and she was burning them in the kitchen stove. When she was caught, she was beheaded, and no one knows how much this cruel woman has killed.

 8. Adolf Sefeld

Adolph is thought to has killed and raped more than 30 boys. He worked as a merchant who made watches, and when he was captured in 1935, the Nazis used him as propaganda against homosexuals. Adolf admitted that he killed 12 boys with a home-made cocktail of toxins.

 7. Caroline Grills

Caroline poisoned her closest ones with thallium, an ordinary rat poison. She managed to poison the stepmother, a relative of her husband, her cousin, the friend of her mother and a few other people who often visited her. Relatives John Downey suspected Caroline when he also noticed the symptoms and reported to the police. Carolyn received a life sentence.

 6. Daisy de Melker


In 1923, Daisy moved with her husband, William, and son Rhodes, to Johannesburg, Africa. A certain period later, William became ill and died apparently from a stroke. Daisy took her inheritance and married a Robert, also a plumber who later died of a stroke. She took her inheritance and married another plumber, Sidney. But the next victim was not Sidney, but her 20-year-old son. When the police investigated the case, they concluded that she was poisoning the men with strychnine. She was sentenced to death in 1932.

 5. Berta Gifford


Berta reportedly went on a home visit to take care of her frail relatives and friends. It is believed that she killed about 17 people, and she confessed 3 of whom two were children of seven and eight years. The children had abdominal pains until Berta took care of them and she gave them arsenic to “relieve” the pain. Bertha’s oldest victim was 72 years old and the youngest 15 months.

 4. Robert Buchanan


Robert murdered his victims with morphine to which he had easy access because he was a doctor. He was caught when he killed his wife for a legacy of $ 50,000.

 3. Lydia Sherman


Lydia was captured when she killed her third husband. She was previously married to a policeman who lost his job and fell into a depression. To get rid of him, she poisoned him with arsenic, and because they had 5 children who were “a burden” to Lydia, she first poisoned the youngest and later the elderly. Then she married an older farmer, but she also poisoned him. The next husband had two children whom Lidia did not like, and therefore she even poisoned them. Her husband began to drink often, and one night he mistook a bottle of poison and drank it. Lydia claimed that he did not want to kill him.

 2. Varoulus P. College

He worked as a doctor at Waterwill and he often had many debts. When Edward Matthews arrived at his home to ask for his money, Collide offered him with whiskey in which he put acid. Then he hit the dead body and took the wallet and left it by the road to look like a theft. He even made himself an autopsy of his victim when the police found the body. However, a physician questioned Edward’s unusual appearance and sent him to a larger city of analysis. Collier was detained and committed suicide in prison before being convicted.

 1.   Anthony Desrues


Anthony acted like a person from an aristocratic family, and he was a great cheater who managed to live for a period of time in a house belonging to the wealthy Lamot family. When Mrs. Lamot and her son came to Paris to take the money for the redeemed property, Antony managed to persuade him with his charm to wait a few days. During that period, he burst and buried their bodies in the basement. He told everyone that Mrs. Lamot escaped with the money together with her lover, her son went to another city. Mr. Lamot did not like to believe in Antony’s story and therefore launched an intense investigation and managed to expose the killer, who was later executed.