The truth about peanuts: You eat them often, and you don’t know what they do to your body

You will not believe when you read how much benefit can you get from only 50 g of peanuts per day.

Peanuts have great taste, and are rich in fat, protein and other healthy nutrients.

The advantages of peanuts are different, so you should certainly add them to the list of daily groceries. However, because of the fat content and calories that peanuts have, you should not overdo it.

These 12 properties of peanuts make them very useful for your health and beauty.

1. Good for the health of the heart

2. Enhance energy

3. Assist in weight loss

4. Assist in the fight against cancer

5. Prevent the stone from the bile

6. Improve memory

7. Assist in the fight against depression

8. Good for the health of pregnant women

9. Prevent Alzheimer’s disease

10. Make the skin shiny and taut

11. Prevent hair loss

12. Prevent struggles and aging