Twins with strange abilities like from a horror movie


Twins with strange abilities like from a horror movie

Jun and Jennifer Gibbons were twins, born in 1963 in Wales. Their familiarity and incredible intelligence gained the attention of the media, so they called them the “quiet twins.” They deserved this nickname by communicating with each other in a language they created. It does not sound so bad until they grew up and used their powers to commit crimes. The Gibbons sisters are children of a West Indian couple who immediately moved to Wales after their birth. Growing up as the only black children at school, the girls felt isolated. Most of their time was spent alone, developing cryptophagia, a secret language that twins develop to communicate with each other. They also mimicked one another when walking and talking.



At the age of 14, they were separated in different schools (where girls refused to talk to others), the twins met again after a while. Most of the day they spent playing with dolls, but then they started writing dramas and other prose together. By the time they are eighteen, they have already managed to publish several novels.


Both had fun with American boys, sons of a sailor from America, but after some time they broke up with them. Twin angels turned to crime. After being convicted of petty theft and arson, Jennifer tried to choke Jun with a power cable, and Jun cast Jennifer out of the bridge. After these, their parents had no choice but to place them in a psychiatric hospital.

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Jennifer’s hospitalization and death

Things became even stranger at the hospital, where they were given strong medication. But doctors failed to stop the strange rituals, which were becoming more and more startling and strange. The sisters were changing regarding who first started to breathe the next morning, i.e., One had to hold her breath until the other woke up. They also decided that one of them would not come out alive from the hospital, and the other one would start living a normal life as soon as it came out. Jennifer told a reporter that she would be the one to die. Soon, in 1993, Jennifer suffered from a rare heart disease, after which she fell silent forever.



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