“Our village is cursed. Demon possessed thirty locals “(VIDEO)

The people of Santa Thomas don’t know what to do, claiming that more than 30 of their neighbors are obsessed with the demon.

In addition to uncontrolled vomiting, dizziness and anxiety, people who are possessed show uncontrolled anger and fear.

This is not the first time that such symptoms are manifested in people in Central America. Experts called this condition “mad illness”.

As Mirror writes, people who obsess this situation or a demon say they are given various visions. In these visions the names of the following victims come.

Marisela, along with her locals, searched the village for days to discover the cause of the curse.

After a search in the nearby forest they found a doll, which they believe is the reason for the demonic influences.

How would they stop the curse that they thought someone had thrown at their village, planning to burn the doll and hope that this would be enough.