Welcome to the “heroin city”: Here every fourth resident is addicted to heavy drugs

In a city in the USA, the drug-related crisis has reached such a critical level that every fourth inhabitant is addicted to narcotics, while one of them admitted that he was stealing from his children to “get high.”

Exposing their bodies of exhausting labor to profitable steelworks in Huntington, West Virginia, it’s not surprising that many citizens feel chronic pain in this place.
For a short time, the use of strong painkillers causing severe addiction jumped a lot. However, when authorities introduced measures to over-prescribe painkillers, millions of people across the United States went into abstinence, reports the British Mirror.

In Huntington, a city of about 49,000 residents, many have turned to cheaper, but also a substructuring variant, to withstand the severe pains – heroin. To date, the use of drugs is so widespread in this place that every fourth resident is addicted, while the number of fatal overdoses is 13 times higher than the average in America, which is why for many this city is known as the “City of Heroin.”

For the first time in the last two decades, the average life expectancy in the United States has been decreasing, indicating alarming statistics that are explained by an increase in fatal heroin overdosage.
25-year-old Preti Cattilia, one of the heroin-dependent Huntington residents, said she lived with a wealthy uncle who had spoiled her by giving money that she spent on drugs at the age of 17. Today she lives with her boyfriend Al, whom she says she is being beaten but adds that she is with him because he gives her drugs.

In the BBC’s new documentary, she told reporter Luis Terro that she had been importing heavy drugs for six to seven times, which cost about 200 dollars. She worked in a fast food store, later as a prostitute, but she even steals.
“Al makes me nervous because, after two weeks, he beat me and used me with drugs. Sometimes he wants to joke that he owns me as if I were a pet.” “If it was not for the drug I would not be here.” However, as she says, she does not want to give up the narcotics.

Welcome to ‘Heroin Town’: The riverside community where one in four people are hooked on hard

drugshttps://t.co/kb638cj1Pf pic.twitter.com/aKF6gUWiRx
— Daily Mirror (@DailyMirror) October 4, 2017

In Huntington, usually the work of firefighters is to help people who are overdosed, and in those cases, they use the medicine in the form of a spray, which is currently “overturning” the effects of the opiates.
As the head of firefighters, Jean Raider, only last year in this city with less than 50,000 people had 1,100 cases of overdose, and this year this number could double.

“About 80 percent of all of whom we met began with legal addiction because of prescribing medication that causes addiction, it’s sad.” “When they cannot get drugs, they take heroin because it’s cheaper and easier to get,” says Reider.

Although there are programs for weaning, less than 10 percent end up successfully. One of the few former drug addicts, Mick Watson, said that after he left the drug, he became another man.

Louis Theroux speaks to @VICE about artificial boundaries between legal & illegal drugs, & his new doc ‘Heroin Town’ https://t.co/yMV9OZ003t
— Beckley Foundation (@BeckleyResearch) October 3, 2017

“It’s a daily battle, I’m convicted of a second-rate robbery, I stole a laptop from a man, I was haggard, and I wanted money to get drugs, I become another person when I take the drugs.” My wife says the devil himself enters in me. I’m getting very violent, and I do not care if I will hurt someone or what I will take from someone. I’ve been stealing from my own children, letting men orally satisfy me … You will do everything, “Watson said.

As he said, he overdosed over 100 times, 10 times due to this he ended up in hospital.

“I came to the stage for the body to shake and I could not stand for more than an hour without drugs. It was enough,” he said.
The city has a problem with newborn babies whose parents are drug addicts. Every tenth baby comes in a drug dependent world.

However, аll addicts do not want to stop using drugs. Nate Welsh, who became addicted to pain medication after hitting him a car, and then to heroin, described the BBC’s feeling after taking heavy drugs.
“It’s like a dynamite that will not do absolutely anything in the world, except to make you feel the best you can. You burn the wick, you see it burning, and you know that every second your brain will blow up.” Why would I like to edit my life? I enjoy it so much, “said Welsh.


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