Which is the most lonely and isolated place on the planet?

The pace of modern life surely obliged each of us to say: “I want to be on the loneliest and most isolated place on Earth!” All of us occasionally want to escape from everyday stress and move to a place where we can be alone. Although we sometimes express ourselves with the “lonely place” in a metaphorical sense, this expression has a literal meaning. It’s about Point Nemo, also called the “gender of unavailability.”

This place is a geographical point in the Pacific Ocean. Seeing his name, you can also connect with Captain Nemo, the hero of French writer Gil Wern. To get to this place, you need to travel exactly 2689 kilometers from the nearest land. In the concrete case, these are the islands of Motu Nui, Dusie and Maher, depending on the direction.
If you want to spend some time on the shore of Nemo, while admiring the waves, completely alone, we will have to disappoint you. There is no country at this point, and it is located in the middle of the ocean. Well, if you get on a boat and go there, you’ll probably only be able to praise that you’ve visited that point.

In case you find yourself near this point, the mainland will not be the closest thing to you, but the astronauts of the International Space Station. They are “only” 400 kilometers above the ground, so they will be closest to you in the world at the time. Here you will ask yourself: “Good, but can you go to a remote location, which will still have land?”
In that case, you can go, for example, to the archipelago Tristan da Cunha. It is one of the best-hidden places on the planet, where people still live. Proudly named “the farthest island on Earth,” Tristan da Cuña is home to nearly 300 people. The nearest settlement to it is about two thousand kilometers, so you should get it by boat or plane if you want to live there because it’s never known when you need civilization.



These are two interesting suggestions for people who are simply tired of everything and everyone. We all dreamed of a place like this, but the question is how much can we endure in such an environment? It is never known when civilization will again begin to miss us.


Source: motika.com.mk